We’re Here!

Social Venture Café is happy to announce, “We’re Open For Business!!”

If you are a passionate social entrepreneur who believes in leveraging the power of collaborative innovation as an essential element to helping discover new, exciting, and transformational solutions to our community’s social challenges, needs, and problems, the Social Venture Café is the place for you.

The Social Venture Café has been created for the purpose of advocating, incubating, and supporting an innovation-centered, collaborative approach to the creation of successful new social ventures aimed at serving our most pressing community challenges, needs, and problems.  As history has shown us, the transformational power of innovation is unleashed when exciting new ideas collide in unexpected ways through the magic of collaborative teams working passionately together to turn those ideas into powerful new solutions aimed at serving their community.

Welcome to the Social Venture Café. This place is dedicated to helping support the success of social venture entrepreneurs who, just like you, are passionate about finding new and better ways to serve their local community through new social ventures fueled by the power of collaboration and innovation.

Best regards,

Brad Maihack

Founder – The Social Venture Café